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Military Officers Association of America : Pet Insurance

Our Role and Compensation
Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC (Mercer Consumer), a leader in business transparency, is committed to complete disclosure of the compensation we receive from the insurance companies for the services we perform on your behalf and that of your affiliated organization.

Military Officers Association of America has selected Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC for this insurance program. Alternative insurance products may be available in the insurance market place. Mercer Consumer is providing this single insurer option on behalf of Military Officers Association of America.

In accordance with industry custom, we are typically compensated through commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the insurance premiums charged by insurers. We may also receive additional monetary and nonmonetary compensation from insurers, or from other insurance intermediaries, which may be contingent upon such factors as volume, growth or retention of business. This compensation may include payment from insurers for marketing related expenses or investments in technology. Our compensation may vary depending on the type of insurance purchased and the insurer selected.

We will provide you additional information about our compensation and if applicable, information about alternative quotes obtained, upon your request.

We will provide you additional information about our compensation by calling 1-888-206-5088.

Expenses are incurred in the administration of all insurance plans (marketing and communications, billing and collecting premium, payment of claims benefits, responding to customer inquiries, and compensation in the form of commission for agents or companies who provide these services), and these are included as part of the premium rate structure.

The premium quoted includes compensation of *See Below from Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC received by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC for providing services that may include enrollments, ongoing servicing, billing and communications. BestBenefit Level 1, 2, and 3 plans: $60 per qualified lead. Best Benefit Accident Only plan: $20 per qualified lead. Qualified leads from TN residents will be paid at $25 per qualified lead regardless of plan type All marketing expenses associated with this program are paid by Mercer. These rates are subject to change and will be updated promptly upon such changes.

Where permitted by law, when Mercer Consumer conducts billing and collection of premium, we may also earn and retain interest income on premiums held by Mercer Consumer on behalf of insurers during the period between receipt of such payments from clients and the time such payments are remitted to the applicable insurer. If you utilize premium financing when available, additional fees may also be earned which will be disclosed at the time premium financing is offered.

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries which include Mercer own equity interests in certain insurers and wholesale brokers. Information regarding such interests is available at Information on material ownership, if any, that a quoting insurer has in Marsh & McLennan Companies or its subsidiaries is available upon request.

Mercer Consumer is prohibited by law in most states from altering the amount of compensation received from the insurer based in whole or in part on the sale of this insurance.1

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