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People tend to think they will never need long term care. Unfortunately when they do need it they are not prepared. With long term care insurance you can take control and be prepared. It helps you:
  • Retain your independence
  • Preserve your quality of life
  • Stay at home as long as possible
  • Maintain flexibility in care options
  • Protect your assets and savings
  • Avoid burdening friends and family
As life expectancies increase, there can be a greater chance that people will require long term care. Long term care includes all health,social, psychological and other services to persons requiring supportive help for a long time.
How to Apply
For more information, a one-on-one consultation with a Long-Term Care Representative, please call the Long-Term Care Resources Network at 1-888-866-0620.
Long-Term Care Tool for ANS Members!
Learn more about an interactive and educational long-term care evaluation tool to assist ANS members with their long-term buying decisions.

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