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Are you single or married? Are you young, middle-age or nearing retirement? Do you have children? It's easy to see how everyone has different and specific insurance needs they want to satisfy.

The Customized Major Medical plan lets you do just that. This flexible plan allows you to develop a medical package that works best for —and the Learning Center* helps you understand your health care options.

You don't have to settle for someone else's health insurance plan—customize one that works just for you!
No Obligation Online Quotation
For an online individual/family health quotation, please click here.If you prefer, you can contact a licensed insurance agent at

AR Ins. License # 245544
CA Ins. License # 0633005
d/b/a/in CA Seabury & Smith Insurance Program Management
Where available
Coverage is available in most states, but plans may vary depending on individual state laws. 
Members of the association and their family are eligible to apply. 
Type of Insurance 
Individual and Family Medical Insurance  
Underwritten By 
Multiple - depends on residence state and preferences  
Plan Types 
HMO, PPO, HSA and Fee for Service (differs by state)  
This web site contains a summary of the insurance policy provisions. If there is a conflict between this site and the actual insurance policy, the insurance policy language will control.  
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Phone: 877-886-0110
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