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10-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance
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Underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (called United States Life)
Term coverage is the purest kind of life insurance coverage with no costly savings features. Here's a level term life insurance plan that you can depend on for a full 10 years with individual premiums that will not go up due to your age or health status and benefits that will not go down.
Click for detailed plan information, including eligibility, coverage levels, plan features, costs and provisions.

How to Apply
Download your 10-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance Application and Brochure from the Forms & Links section of this site and follow the instructions. Choose the application and brochure based on the state you reside in. Be sure to review the Plan Details on this site and in the brochure, which contains detailed plan information and plan provisions, including costs, exclusions, limitations and terms of coverage. Remember, only eligible AAJ members in good standing and their lawful spouses under age 65 may apply.
Where available
This coverage is available only to residents of the United States, except Alaska, Louisana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah and Washington. 
AAJ members in good standing who are under age 65 may apply for this plan. Your lawful spouse under age 65 may also apply for this plan even if you do not. In order to become insured, satisfactory evidence of insurability must be provided and the required premium must be paid. 
At a Glance 
Type of Insurance 
10-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance 
Designed for 
AAJ members and their lawful spouse (spouses covered as members) 
Underwritten by 
United States Life  
Group Policy Number / Form Number 
G–610,152 / G–19000 
Risk Classes 
Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard and Smoker  
Nonsmoker Rates 
No tobacco or nicotine products during the past 12 months 
Member Coverage Amounts 
$100,000 to $1,000,000, in $1,000 increments 
Spouse Coverage Amounts 
$100,000 to $500,000, in $1,000 increments 
Issue Ages 
Under Age 65 
*This is a listing of insurance plan highlights.  
Forms & Links
For residents of all other states 
For residents of CA only 
For residents of CT only  
For residents of FL only  
For residents of ME only  
For residents of MN only  
For residents of MO only  
For residents of ND only  
For residents of NY only  
For residents of VT only  
For residents of WI only  
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Program Administrator
Title: Mercer Consumer
Address: 12421 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA
Phone: 1-800-482-2852
Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm M-F(Central)
Application Mailing Address
Title: Mercer Consumer
Address: P.O. Box 10374
Des Moines, IA
Insurance Company
Title: United States Life
Address: 3600 Route 66
Neptune, NJ
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